Dozens of experts from three computer firms are still trying to fix Bonjour-Sante's servers as of Monday afternoon, more than 24 hours after the health care site's services were paralyzed for unknown reasons.

Bonjour-Sante is an online tool that helps patients get a doctor's appointment and avoid long waits in clinics.

One team is dedicated specifically to identifying the cause of the outage, while others are trying to restore access to servers, said Bonjour-Sante spokesperson Louis Aucoin.

For the moment, clinics are able to respond to about half the demand that Bonjour-Sante usually takes in on normal days, he added. The problem doesn't affect people who have already made their appointments.

Bonjour-Sante does not store any information likely to interest potential hackers, said Aucoin.

Anyone who needs to speak with a health care professional is advised to contact 811.