Montreal police have confirmed that the bones found in a home in St-Henri last month are indeed human.

On April 17, police told CTV a construction worker discovered the bones.

They wouldn't confirm that Friday, but did say they were discovered during renovations in a basement of a home on Delinelle St. street near Notre-Dame St. West in an area that was inaccessible to the residents.

The person came across them just before noon and called police, who arrived with forensic technologists and launched an investigation.

Police wouldn't say anything more about the state of the bones or if a complete skeleton was found.

They are now being examined by police experts in the homicide division.

"Even though they are human bones, we cannot assume it was someone who was the victim of a criminal act. Many hypotheses are possible," said Montreal police spokesperson Veronique Dubuc. "It could be anything, like for example, it's an old building, it could be someone who accidentally fell into the basement, we really have no idea at this point.”

If police are able to determine there was no criminal activity involved, the bones will be transferred to the Quebec coroner's office.