The Bloc Quebecois is trying to move past a crisis of confidence in its leader.

The party's ten MPs made a show of unity with party leader, MNA Martine Ouellet, on Thursday following the firing of her chief of staff earlier in the week.

Bloc MPs said they had never liked the hiring of Louis-Philippe Dubois, even before he was accused of trying to smear the reputation of Bloc MP Rheal Fortin.

Going into the meeting Ouellet insisted she wanted apologies, and behind closed doors reporters could hear MPs yelling at each other.

Coming out, Ouellet apologized to Fortin and said she would make changes to how the Bloc operated.

Her new chief of staff, Mathias Boulianne, has the support of the entire caucus.

Ouellet is still an MNA in Quebec City, and has yet to win a seat in the House of Commons.