A small shop in Montreal that opened for Black History Month will be staying open longer after it exceeded expectations and is drawing customers interested in unique and locally owned businesses.

Amina Sall is the co-founder of the Black Woman Market, which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to show their wares.

"It was a dream coming true and it was a little bit surprising for us," said Sall.

The idea for the story was to give Black-owned businesses more visibility for their products by opening in Place Versailles for February.

"Our products are amazing," said Sall. "These products cater primarily to black women, but they are suitable for any type of woman or man. We have spices that can be used by women or men. It's just that they remind us of where we come from. They're made out of ingredients that we know."

The concept gives business owners like Gagnissiry Mbow the opportunity to get personal with her clients without huge overhead costs like rent and utilities.

"It's amazing," said Mbow. "I heard I'm the number one seller of the store, so that's a beautiful thing, so I'm glad that people are loving my products."

Aisha Temfack said that despite the increase in online sales, customers enjoy coming in person to a brick-and-mortar store.

"I have a website, and I sell online, but people always ask me where can I see the bags, where can I feel the texture? Can I put my laptop inside? And now I have a place," she said.

In addition, the space creates a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

"We always say alone, you go fast, but together you go far," said Temfack.

The owners say opening hours may be extended further.