Members of Montreal’s Sikh community gathered on Sunday to denounce Bill 21 through an open mic event.

Attendees were invited to discuss how they felt about the religious symbols bill and how it’s affected them since its passing.

The bill, which was passed in June, prohibits some public sector employees from wearing religious garb while working.

Steeven Toor of Punjabi Resilience and Empowerment in Mental Health said the time since the passing of the bill has been “a moment for reflection.”

“All folks, whether you’re for or against Bill 21, we need to have an open, honest, genuine conversation about this topic and we need to focus on mental health,” he said.

Among the attendees was Mandeep Kaur of the World Sikh Organization who said Bill 21 has her concerned over her future in the province.

“I’m studying political science and I want to be a lawyer in the future. This is impacting me because even if I finish my education I can’t work in Quebec,” she said.