MONTREAL - The demolition the old un-seaworthy Kathryn Spirit near Beauharnois does not float everybody's boat.

Town authorities believe the environmental off spin of the effort could endanger future efforts to develop the land.

"It's a new industrial activity, they've never been allowed to have such activities before," said Guillaume Levesque, City Councillor for Beauharnois

The waters are under federation authority but that doesn't mean that the federal minister has been giving the local MP the information she seeks.

"They don't answer or the answers are not really clear. We don't know if it's approved, we don't know what products are in the ship," said Anne Minh-Thu Quach MP Beauharnois-Salaberry.

The NDP says le Groupe St-Pierre has refused to provide them with a list of contaminants that could be found on the old vessel and that could be released when it's dismantled.

CTV Montreal's attempts to get answers were also unsuccessful.

The dismantling of the ship could entail pollutants entering the water supply.

"We still don't know if Environment Canada has received a report from Groupe St Pierre that explains the transformation of the ship," said the MP.

On Thursday the Quebec government responded to concerns and ordered work temporarily stopped as it examines the plans further.