MONTREAL -- Montreal’s most recent out-of-town visitor seems to be sticking around for the time being, as the bearded seal first spotted Tuesday was again seen Saturday morning lounging at a Laval marina.

The mammal, originally from the arctic, was at the Marina Bo-Bi-No in Laval around 6:30 a.m., and Jared Provencher spent some time taking pics and videos of the playful visitor.

“We watched him for a good 10 minutes,” said Provencher. “He looked healthy and looked like he was just taking it easy, enjoying the morning sun.”

Much like the humpback whale that swam to the region earlier this month only to be killed while leaving the area apparently by a boat, bearded seals are not usually spotted in the region.

“We see them every year in Trois-Rivieres, but in Montreal, not for this species,” said Marie-Eve Muller from the province’s marine mammal research group (GREMM), earlier this week. “This is the first time.”

Muller said the animal may be sick or just observing a new territory. She said officials are not worried about the animal’s ability to return to its natural habitat.

She reminded citizens to leave the animal alone if spotted and keep a decent distance from it.