The city of Montreal has removed a no-left-turn sign that had initially banned turns onto a one-way street, leaving people who work and live in the area puzzled about how they are supposed to get around.

Towers St. is a one-block long, one-way street that runs north between Ste. Catherine St. and De Maisonneuve Blvd.

People who work in the area said that over the weekend city crews installed a sign banning left-hand turns from Ste. Catherine St. --which runs east-- onto Towers.

That meant there was no legal way to drive onto Towers at all, meaning residents of apartment buildings could not legally access their parking garages.

It was also a problem for drivers attempting to get to the service department of Toyota Gabriel Centreville because the entrance to its garage is on Towers.

Mechanics said there was no prior notice about the change, and said they only noticed the sign on Monday morning.

On Tuesday CTV News spotted multiple drivers making left-hand turns onto Towers despite the sign because there's no other way to get onto the street.

Mayor Denis Coderre said he was unaware of the situation and so had no comment.

Officials with the city of Montreal investigated after CTV brought the matter to their attention, and late Tuesday afternoon, city spokesperson Anik de Repentigny said the prohibited turn was linked to work by the STM on a mechanical ventilation system, but that the work has so far been delayed until early October.

De Repentigny said the city would remove the puzzling street sign until the work begins, at which point the direction of traffic will be reversed to southbound on Towers St.

When the work begins, parking on the street will be eliminated.

The work on the STM ventilation system is expected to take 39 months and cost $24 million.