Some former customers of Deneigement Avalanche are still waiting on reimbursements nearly two weeks after the snow removers promised full or partial refunds.

A dozen customers contacted by CTV News said they haven't seen a penny after the company promised refunds to dissatisfied customers if they faxed their contract to the company.

They followed procedure and say they continue to wait for a response.

"Hopefully we'll get an early Christmas gift... with our returned cheque in the mail and $100 refund for the half we've paid so far," said former customer Cindy Blue. "I'm not counting on it, no. Just hoping, but not counting on it."

Annie DeMelt at CTV News visited the Avalanche offices in Pointe Claire Wednesday. An employee who refused to be named said customers will be refunded, then told DeMelt to read the contract. The Avalanche employee then threatened to call police if CTV News didn't leave.

After its initial offer to provide full refunds, the company seemed to change its policy. Customers who received no service at all would be entitled to a full refund, while dissatisfied customers would receive half their money back.

Former customer Laura Anderson said she was told something different Tuesday evening when she finally reached the offices after several phone calls.

"The person who answered would not give me his name, but he told me that I was unethical in asking for a refund and he would not give me a refund," she said.

Anderson plans to continue her fight for a reimbursement.

"I think I'm going to look into small claims court, and see," she said.

On Anderson's street Wednesday, three Avalanche customers have cleared driveways, and one customer, Louise Steven said she's satisfied with the service after the initial bumps.

When asked if she would do business with the company again, she said: "I'll let you know at the end of the year, but so far, yes."