There were long lineups at temporary shelters on Wednesday as 3,000 welfare cheques were handed out to asylum seekers.

Additional cheques went out by mail to those asylum seekers who have already found homes.

The government aid, roughly $650 for single people and around $1200 for a family of four, is meant as temporary support until refugee claimants can get on their feet.

The goal of the money is to help them start their new life and find a more permanent home so they can leave the temporary shelters.

The cheques will stop once they get their work permits.

Groups that work with asylum seekers say without this type of aid it would be almost impossible for many to get back on their feet. 

“You have to realize that apart from those that are coming from the United States, we have people coming from countries where there is a terrible war going on, they've lost their house, they lost their family and they definitely come here without a penny,” said the head of PRAIDA, Francine Dupuis.

However, not everyone will receive a welfare cheque. Those with a bank account that is easily traceable will not receive financial aid.