All six executives in the student group Association pour une solidarite syndicale etudiante (ASSE) have resigned, according to a report in La Presse.

They apparently stepped down in order to allow the group to focus on its action plan and next moves, instead of focusing its attention on how committed its leaders are, a source told the newspaper.

The group and its members have been in meetings since Saturday. The executive members are part of a more moderate faction within the group who wanted to put the protest movement on hold until the fall, when public unions may be on strike. Waiting, they say, will allow their efforts to go from a largely Montreal student-backed movement to a province-wide movement.

The more hardline ASSE members, mainly from some UQAM student associations and downtown Montreal CEGEPs, do not agree with that plan. Some reportedly were planning on deposing the leaders over the protest hiatus.

ASSE was considered to be the most radical of the three student groups during the 2012 "Maple Spring" student protests. Its members organized and took part in many, if not all of the protests held so far this spring.

The group is expected to comment later Sunday on the results of its weekend caucus meeting.