The security clearances of three more Trudeau Airport employees have been suspended, weeks after four others had their access revoked and were placed under investigation.

On Monday, federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau confirmed the three new suspensions but declined to say why the workers' cards had been revoked.

Garneau also declined to say whether the workers had been terminated from their jobs or reassigned to non-secure areas of the airport.

The suspensions come two weeks after four other workers had their clearance taken away. Two of those workers had begun exhibiting signs of radicalization. Garneau said the most recent three were flagged after he ordered review of the airport's security protocols.

Garneau confirmed an investigation is underway into all of those who were suspended. He noted that the airport has a system in place in which the 16,000 employees with red-card access to secure areas of the airport are cross-checked with a police database.

Meanwhile Canada is implementing new security measures on flights coming into Canada -- but Garneau won't say what they are, or how they will affect passengers and airlines.

"I will only tell you that those measures are now in place and they are for different airports where there are flights coming to Canada, and it is based on our evaluation of risks," said Garneau.

"For obvious reasons I can't tell you on which fligts and in which places. I will not tell you that because it's important not to make that public."

The flights affected involving planes coming from either the Middle East or Africa.

The new measures will not affect bringing laptops and tablets as carry-on luggage. In fact CATSA, Canada's airline security agency, says many airlines prohibit anything with a lithium or alkaline battery from being checked as luggage because of the risk of a short circuit or fire.

In March the USA imposed new regulations on flights arriving in the United States from ten countries in majority Muslim countries that banned laptops and tablets as carry-on luggage.