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Transit fares are going up in the Montreal area. Here's the new price structure

STM bus ride

Transit riders, take note: the Montreal-area regional transit authority, the ARTM, is changing its fare structure on July 1. Prices are going up by an average of 3 per cent.

Monthly passes are going up:

  • Zone A (Island of Montreal): $100, up from $97
  • Zone AB (Montreal to Laval or Longueuil): $160, up from $155
  • Zone ABC (Montreal to North and South Shores): $196, up from $190
  • Zone ABCD (includes areas outside the ARTM territory): $271, up from $263

A single bus or metro pass for the Island of Montreal will remain the same price, at $3.75. The 10-ticket package, however, will go up by 75 cents to $33.25.

A single fare for travel in Zone AB, ABC and ABCD is going up by 25 cents each, to $4.75, $7 and $9.50, respectively.  

Reduced-fare monthly passes will also go up. As of July 1, Zone A will cost $60, Zone AB will cost $96, Zone ABC will cost $118 and Zone ABCD will cost $163.

Montreal-area transit zones (image: ARTM)The increase comes amid transit-company deficits throughout the province, including a shortfall estimated at $561 million in the Montreal metropolitan region.

"Public transit faces major funding challenges, and despite this, the annual fare update is responsible and designed to protect access to the various services for the entire population," said ARTM director general Benoît Gendron. Top Stories

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