MONTREAL -- Quebec’s youth and human right commissions has launched an inquiry into the death of a seven-year-old girl in Laval.

The investigation aims to determine whether the rights of this little girl, who had been the subject of a report to youth protection officials in Laval, were respected.

The girl was pronounced dead in hospital Sunday after emergency workers responded to a 911 call in the afternoon. The girl was found in cardiac arrest inside the home. Emergency responders attempted to resuscitate the girl, to no avail.

Two neighbours said they heard screams coming from the home and saw the girl being taken out of the home with bruises and cuts on her body, though police would not confirm that information.

Police said they're questioning six adults in connection with the death and that two other children from the same home are now under youth protection. Investigators urge anyone with information to call 450-662-INFO (4636).

The commission said it was "shocked to learn of the death of anothe r child in Quebec," adding that its investigations are private and it will not comment further on the case at this time. The commission, however, will be able to make recommendations in hopes if, it said, preventing a similar incident from happening again.

The same commission also held an inquiry into the death of a nine-year-old girl in Granby who died in 2019 after she was also the subject of a youth protection report. In that case, the commission concluded in a damning report in August that there were numerous issues, and that she slipped through cracks in the system at every level.

The commission said in its news release that it wanted to remind the public that child protection is everyone's business in Quebec and that anyone who has concerns about a child must make a report. 

--With files from The Canadian Press