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Newborn kittens, puppies get specialized care thanks to $50,000 boost for Montreal SPCA neonatal unit


Newborn kittens and puppies will have a much better chance at survival thanks to a $50,000 boost for a neonatal program at the Montreal SPCA.

Mostly orphaned, the unweaned kittens and puppies will be kept warm, fed every three hours, cleaned, weighed and carefully monitored thanks to a network of specially trained foster families.

"It's helping kittens and puppies under a month. So basically these animals, prior to the creation of that program, they had basically no chance to survive," said Laurence Massé, executive director of the Montreal SPCA. "Now they have 90 per cent chance to survive, if going through that program."

Once weaned, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and healthy, they will be available for adoption, generally at three months for dogs and two months for cats.

The $50,000 donation from Petco Love, in partnership with BOBS from Skechers, helps support the program, going to necessities like pet food, heating pads and vet bills, "resources to help them grow and make sure they're healthy," said Massé.

She said the project has been an incredible success.

"I remember the first neonatal puppy that we received through that program. It was two years ago, and I was one of the foster families for them. It was a litter of what we call Great Danes. And we received, I believe it was 10 Great Dane puppies. They were eight days old. And they needed a lot of care, a lot of food and it was really dedicated foster family that helped them grow. And now they're over 100 pounds each and they're living their best life," she said. Top Stories

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