MONTREAL -- Montreal's Irish community is calling on people go green without gathering as St. Patrick's Day approaches.

The parade will have to wait until next year, said Kevin Tracey of the United Irish Societies, but that doesn't mean celebrating is off the table.

"This year, ... when you go out for your walk, dress in your green, dress up your house. Do what you can. Socially distance. We do not want to have people gathering, but just run Montreal green, one bit at a time."

On Saturday, an order-in comedy event called 'Locals Supporting Locals' will help support local charities and restaurants. 

People can order from a participating restaurant like Mckibbins Pointe-Claire today to pick-up a meal the day after.

Each of the 17 restaurants involved have chosen a local non-profit to support.

Plus, you get a discount on a ticket to an all-star online comedy show with Joey Elias, Rodney Ramsey, Abdul Butt and others.

“They told me to just make fun of everybody equally,” said Butt. “We need to all get taken down a notch.

“We're all on a level playing field, COVID has taught us that. We're all the exact same people going thru the same stuff.” 

“The reality is, as Irish people, it's all about giving back,” said organizer Ken Doran. “That’s why we have parades and we have pageants and dinners, we give back to the community.” 

The St. Patrick's Society of Montreal will hold their gala luncheon online on March 17. All are welcome.

"It's our new thing, at least just for this year, and it's for everybody, because we've all suffered," said Carol McCormick of the St. Patrick's Society of Montreal. "I don't care what nationality you are, you're Irish for St. Patrick's Day. Just come and enjoy yourself."