Laval police are investigating after a local businessman was the target of arson for the second time this week.

On Thursday morning the Notary offices of Taillefer & Beaumont, located at 4008 St. Martin St. West in Laval, were set on fire.

Police say there were obvious signs of arson in the office fire.

The fire was quickly put out, but fire, smoke and water caused significant damage to the building.

Notary Jean-Claude Taillefer also owns the Chateau Taillefer-Lafond vineyard, where a warehouse was heavily damaged by a deliberately-set fire late Sunday night.

Taillefer has been the subject of several recent reports on the francophone television network TVA.

On the show J.E., Taillefer said that several Laval-area properties zoned for agricultural use were not being developed, and he speculated that the owners were counting on zoning changes in order to make a large amount of money.

Police say it is possible that someone is trying to intimidate Taillefer following those TV reports.