MONTREAL -- Citizens should not be alarmed or panic Thursday evening when nine factories sound their warning signals in Montreal.

As part of its annual warning sirens test, the City of Montreal will facilitate the sirens sounding between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. to raise public awareness of industrial risks and educate citizens on the safety instructions during a toxic leak or other hazardous event.

"This annual readiness test makes it possible to publicize the risks and behaviours that residents of the sectors concerned must adopt in the event of a toxic product leak," said Rosannie Filato, public security manager on the executive committee of the City of Montreal.

The nine participating factories will take turns sounding a three-minute rising and falling alarm.

In a real industrial accident, the warning siren would be followed by safety instructions.

In the event of a real toxic leak, the following instructions should be followed:

  • enter the nearest building quickly;
  • close doors and windows as well as ventilation;
  • do not pick up children from school so as not to put themselves or them in danger;
  • avoid overloading telephone lines.

The nine factories participating and their schedules are:

  • Pêcheries Atlantiques, Metro Richelieu : 16h30 et 16h37
  • Usine de soufre de Montréal de Suncor : 16h45 et 16h52
  • Entreprise Indorama PTA Montréal : 17h00 et 17h07
  • Saputo Produits laitiers Canada (Saint-Léonard) : 17h15
  • Boeuf Mérite, Metro Richelieu : 17h22 et 17h30
  • Molson Coors : 17h45 et 17h52
  • Saputo Produits laitiers Canada (Saint-Laurent) : 18h00, 18h07 et 18h15
  • La Brasserie Labatt du Canada: 18h25 et 18h32
  • Parmalat (Lactalis Canada) : 18h45 et 19h00