MONTREAL -- A 32-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a shooting in a LaSalle bar Tuesday night.

Two men in their 70s were shot while in the bar by an apparently disgruntled customer who had been kicked off the premises, Montreal police said. The victims are alive in hospital.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m., police said, at a bar near the intersection of Shevchenko Blvd. and David Boyer St. The bar is called the Haraiki Pub.

On Tuesday night, police said the suspect had been in the bar earlier and was "invited to leave the premises due to the fact that he was aggressive."

He "came back a couple of minutes later," apparently armed, said police spokesperson Raphael Bergeron, and "fired a couple of gunshots towards people inside the bar."

People who were inside at the time described total chaos as the man shot through the window.

They said the customer in question seemed to have mental health problems and was causing a disturbance serious enough that others needed to intervene.

Raymond Pynn was playing video games at the time, he said. He "yelled at" the man and told him "you're scaring my girlfriend, and everybody," he said Wednesday.

The bartender also asked the man to leave, Pynn said.

Ten minutes later, the man returned and began to shoot through the window. 

"We hit the floor," Pynn said. He saw one of the older men who had been hit and tried to save him.

"I crawled to the front door and the old man was spinning around and I caught him and laid him on the ground," he said. "He had a bullet hole in his shoulder."

People were also trying to protect each others from the undirected spray of shots. 

"One of the guys jumped on his girlfriend," Pynn recalled. 

The other man who was shot, also in his 70s, had his hand injured, he said.

The two men who were injured were both said to be 72 at first, said Bergeron, the police spokesman, but police later realized their exact ages were unclear, though both are in their 70s.

Neither of their injuries appeared to be life-threatening at the time, and they were both taken to hospital. 

After the shooting, the suspect left the scene and police continued to search for him through Tuesday night and Wednesday, finally arresting him in late afternoon or early evening.

According to customers, the man had been to the bar before. There were also security cameras inside, and police said the shooter's face was "clearly visible."

The man is scheduled to appear in court Thursday evening to face charges. Police haven't released his name.

On Wednesday, many of the same regulars were back at the bar, appearing unfazed, as repair crews replaced the windows, which had several bullet holes.