MONTREAL - Amir Khadir is stepping aside as spokesperson of the Quebec Solidaire party.

Khadir, the first Quebec Solidaire candidate to be elected as MNA for his party, will step aside to be replaced by Gouin QS MNA Francoise David.

In a letter addressed to Quebec Solidaire members, Khadir said that it’s time for him, after four years, to give up his functions as spokesperson.

The QS has two spokespersons, one to deal with the parliamentary affairs and the other to deal with extra-parliamentary affairs.

Francoise David had been serving as the extra-parliamentary spokesperson but her recent electoral victory has prevented her from fulfilling those duties.

A new extra-parliamentary spokesperson will be elected by the party at its upcoming congress from 30 November to 2 December.

Khadir said that it would be an opportunity to let some new talent shine.

He also said that David would be a great person to take up the duties for several reasons, which include the support it gives to the party's coveted principle of male-female parity.

“It’s the logical progression of things,” said Khadir. “As a party that supports feminist causes, it wouldn’t make sense to not have a MNA such as Francoise David act as spokesperson.”

Khadir said that it will also allow him more time to concentrate on his riding of Mercier.

He thanked the party for, “the freedom that I was given in the role, the support I received in all the difficult moments. You can’t quit a job like that without feeling something,” he said.

He said he was going to remain his usual expressive self, however.

“To those hoping that I’ll suddenly become quiet, I wish them a lot of patience. You’ll still be hearing a lot from me,” he said.

-With a file from The Canadian Press