MONTREAL -- Canadians are more than uneasy with any suggestion of reopening the country's border with the United States border at the end of June, according to a new poll.

The current border closure is set to expire June 21, and a poll from the Association of Canadian Studies (ACS) found almost half of Canadians (47 per cent) feel the border should remain closed until the end of the year, with Alberta (60 per cent) and Quebec (55 per cent) feeling particularly strong about the issue. 

Canadians, it would seem, have also lost some faith in their neighbours to the south. In November 2019, the ACS found 58 per cent of Candians trusted Americans, but by the end of April 2020, it was at 34 per cent.

One thing on which citizens on both sides of the border seem to agree is on who should be responsible for lifting confinement measures.

In the U.S., 45 per cent of respondents said they prefer the state government making the call, while just 25 per cent felt it should be up to President Donald Trump’s administration.

In Canada, 55 per cent (68 per cent in Quebec) said provincial governments should make the call, while 31 per cent believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should do so.

With Montreal and Laval being hit exceptionally hard by the COVID-19 crisis, 73 per cent of Quebecers surveyed said the deconfinement process should be different from one region to another, well above the national average of 47 per cent.

The survey was conducted online and polled 1,526 Canadians and 1,004 Americans from May 8 to 10.