Three men could be facing criminal charges after a bizarre string of events involving an alleged robbery in Dorval on Sunday.

A 911 call was placed at 5:20 a.m. about a fight and assault with a weapon on Place Carling. When police arrived, they found just one man on scene.

The 26-year-old man told police he was the victim of a break and enter. He confronted the alleged robbers outside his home, and an altercation followed. The man struck one of the suspects with a blunt object, leaving blood on the street.    The two men made off with stolen items.

While police were interviewing the man, another 911 call was placed about the victim of an assault who had suffered a serious head injury.

Police responded to that call and identified the two alleged thieves, both age 19.

The one who was struck in the head was taken to hospital, where he is in stable condition and under arrest. The other suspect was also arrested.

A large perimeter was set up by police due to there being three separate crime scenes – the scene of the robbery, the scene of the assault, and the home where the suspects were found.

The man who reported the robbery could face charges for hitting the suspect, with police pointing out that people are allowed to defend themselves, or detain someone using reasonable force, but not to assault someone.

All three men are known to police.