Alexander Skarsgard might have sucked his share of plasma during his time on HBO’s vampire drama True Blood, but he’s thankful for some Lachute medical staff for keeping his own blood from spilling.

Skarsgard, in Quebec to shoot The Hummingbird Project alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Salma Hayek, posted a picture of his injured hand to Instagram on Friday. In the post, he thanked “nurse Rosalie and doctor Taleb at the local hospital in Lachute, Quebec.”


Seemingly tongue-in-cheek, Skarsgard praised the duo, saying "Their swift and heroic action saved my life."

When it comes to Quebec, the Swedish actor doesn’t just owe a debt to the medical system. Skarsgard won an Emmy for his role in the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, which was directed by Montrealer Jean-Marc Vallee.

Last week, it seems Skarsgard took the chance to see some of Montreal’s sights, posting a picture of the now-iconic Leonard Cohen mural off of St-Laurent.


No bird on the wire. No drunk in the midnight choir. I hope, in his way, he is free...

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