Despite the holidays being over, one Montreal soup kitchen is still continuing its season of giving.

The Good News Chapel in St. Leonard serves up warm meals three Saturdays every month, with crowd size varying depending on the time of year. 

Its clientele is low-income residents who may be socially isolated.

“There are people that come that are low income and there are people that just come for companionship,” said Lucy Conte, a volunteer. “For us, it continues because the people are always in need, the people always need this companionship.” 

Unlike other shelters, the kitchen is open year-round. 

Its volunteers want to give back to those in need of a free meal and conversation. 

“Sometimes we’re like a society where we’re so busy with work and stuff that we forget to actually take time and just pour it back into the people,” said Danny Galluccio, a volunteer. 

The Good News Chapel’s patrons appreciate the support it provides. 

Genuine connections and relationships are forged thanks to the free meals. 

“Since I live alone, I’m alone and I like to come here because I’m with some people,” said Therese Guimond. 

“One lady, she lost her daughter and that same week she came the Saturday and wanted a hug from us because she felt so lonely,” said Galluccio. 

She’s not the only one. 

“It does me good and gives me hope,” said Paul Gatto, who has come to the Good News Chapel for the past month. “When I walk out of here, I have a smile on my face.”