MONTREAL -- They say one is the lonelist number. They have never met Stan Carman.

The 70-year-old Montrealer has been an avid cyclist for years, but recently found himself getting bored of two wheels. So for the past two years, he's been learning how to ride a unicycle.

“On a scale of one to 10, where one is easiest and 10 is hardest, it's about a 12,” he said of his new hobby. “I'm too stubborn to give up.”

Who can blame him for finding two wheels not stimulating, given all his experience? Carman recently tallied how far he has riden in his life, which has included races and relays in Quebec, Ontario and the U.S., and concluded he had logged more than 40,000 kilometres – the equivalent of one trip all the way around the Earth.

“When I got there, I realized I needed to celebrate. In a moment where perhaps reason left me, I decided on the unicycle.”

Now, he's set a new goal for himself.

“My challenge was to be able to go around the block. I chose a short block with houses on it and I went around the block.”