A Montreal couple wants legal compensation after a chunk of ice fell off a building and smashed through the roof of their car.

"It was so loud, so violent, and glass just went absolutely everywhere," said Kristine Bernard.

On Friday Feb. 22 Bernard and Myles Carter were driving along Bleury St. near Viger Ave. when they received the shock of their lives.

"It happened so quickly, we were totally not expecting it," said Bernard.

A chuck of ice and rock weighing about 1.5 kg smashed through their car's sunroof and hit Bernard in the head.

Passersby called 9-1-1 to and paramedics took a bleeding and shocked Bernard to hospital where she was treated for her injuries and evaluated for a concussion.

Police determined that construction crews working on a building had been clearing ice, and even though they had strung up nets to prevent falls, something slipped through.

They figure the chunk of ice bounced off the net and fell onto the car.

After the injury police told the construction crews they had to be more careful to protect the public, including closing the street.

"You don't expect something to fall from the sky onto your car. Everyone's used to things coming at you or to the side of you, even behind. But coming from on top it was totally unexpected," said Bernard.

She and Carter have hired a lawyer to deal with the construction company.