MONTREAL -- A new survey suggests about a quarter of Quebecers will not completely adhere to Premier Francois Legault's call to avoid visiting friends and family outside their homes as Thanksgiving Day approaches.

An Association for Canadians Studies (ACS) survey conducted between Oct. 2-4 asked 1,523 Canadians (including 412 Quebecers) whether they will obey directives and not visit people outside their home.

Almost three-quarters of Quebecers (72 per cent) said they "will completely obey" the appeal from the premier, though 25 per cent said they would "reduce" visits, but "still visit with some family and friends outside my home." 

Three per cent of those surveyed said they will not obey the order.

Almost half (46 per cent) of those aged 18-24 said they will reduce visits, but not completely avoid visiting family and friends.

Over the Sept. 28-Oct. 4 week, 54 per cent of the Canadians surveyed (and 50 per cent of Quebecers) said they had visited family or friends outside of their homes, and 37 per cent (31 per cent in Quebec) said they had people over who did not live with them.

When it comes to informing on neighbours, nine-in-10 of Quebecers said they will not tell authorities if they see or hear about friends or family members visiting with others outside of their homes. 

According to a CTV Montreal Talkback poll Tuesday, 78 per cent (1,075 out of 1,386) said the pandemic has changed seasonal holiday plans.