Yoga instructor Asami Martens was shocked at the discrimination she found at yoga studios in the city.

She's been mistaken for receptionists and cleaning staff, and decided to start posting about her experiences on social media.

"I was basically tired and fed up by how I was treated by people," said Martens. "Yoga is a celebration of diversity, and I wanted to make sure that that message is published."

Some, she said, criticized her accent, while others did not treat her as one would expect an instructor to be treated.

"Some studio owners said that I need to change the way I teach because I have an accent," said Martens, who added that some studios told her they were "covered for diversity because they hired me."

She has organized a workshop called Yoga for Diversity and Inclusion to begin a conversation, and give people a place to speak about issues they may have experienced.

The worlkshop takes place at ELMNT Studio In NDG.