MONTREAL -- In the wake of a deadly crash last year, the intersection of Highway 440 and Highway 15 will be reconfigured.

The junction is one of the busiest in Quebec, with about 300,000 drivers per day trying to navigate a layout that’s infamously confusing.

It’s the spot where a major crash last August, involving two tractor-trailers and seven cars, injured 15 as well as killing four. 

But finally the 50-year-old intersection is getting a redesign, the province has announced.

After a year of research, the ministry’s decided an overpass is the smartest solution, said Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel. 

The new design will also have an additional entrance to Highway 15 south of the overpass. The exit where the accident happened will close for good.

The mayor of Laval says this is needed, and other intersections also urgently need attention. Traffic is getting worse, says Mayor Marc Demers, which is unsurprising since last year’s census showed population growth of 5 per cent in Laval, much higher than Montreal’s growth.

“It's also the quality of lifestyle when you're stuck in traffic every day for half an hour going to work,” says Demers.

The transport ministry wouldn’t reveal the amount estimated for the work. The bidding process is underway, and the first phase of work is scheduled to begin in 2022. It will be ready for driving as of 2024, the province says.

Watch the video above for more details.