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A white Christmas followed by a mild, stormy winter for Quebec: Weather Network


Snowsports enthusiasts rejoice -- The Weather Network is predicting a snowy first half of winter in Quebec.

After Christmas, though, the network notes the weather will more likely resemble "mild temperatures [that] will temporarily make people forget about winter at times."

According to The Weather Network, heavy snowfall is expected in Quebec and Ontario in the coming weeks.

Quebecers can look forward to a white Christmas, according to André Monette, a weather service manager.

"The chances are good this year. You'd have to be unlucky to see a significant thaw before Christmas," he said. "Because of an active corridor in the Saint Lawrence Valley, several storms are expected."

He warns people should pay particular attention to the daily forecasts as weather and road conditions can change quickly and suddenly.

La Niña, a weather phenomenon cooling the waters of the Pacific Ocean, is expected to bring colder temperatures to Western Canada and the northern United States, but temperatures will remain mild in southwestern United States up to Quebec.

"Quebec will have a comfortable winter away from long periods of freezing temperatures," Monette said.

The above-normal temperatures expected in Quebec and Ontario, particularly in January and February, could bring sleet, freezing rain and slush.

-- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on Nov. 29, 2021. Top Stories

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