The burgeoning video game industry, and those who want to become part of it, now have access to a cool new learning tool.

Game Creators' Odyssey is an online course, itself designed as a video game, that has been launched by Ubisoft and Concordia University and that will be offered to universities around the world.

The course, which is available in English and French, is "based on the expertise we have acquired at Ubisoft over the past 30 years, and internal training for our developers around the world," Olivier Palmieri, game director at Ubisoft Montreal, said in a statement. "It is a great pleasure to adapt this training for universities and share our knowledge in videogame development with the next generation of creators."

Students who use Game Creators' Odyssey learn all facets of game development through a course/game featuring the character of Nagato, a warrior-ninja in feudal Japan. Throughout the course, Nagato's story evolves as the student's level of learning deepens, and students can unlock various achievements and level up, just as one would do in many regular video games, as their skills improve.

Robert Beauchemin, CEO of KnowledgeOne, which partners with Concordia to provide training software and tools, said the unique course is highlighted by "striking visuals and exclusive content," and that it has created "a gamified e-learning experience that provides fundamental competencies and allows them to move seamlessly within the industry.”

The course is divided into two "acts." Act 1 is available now, and already being offered by several universities around the world; Act 2 will be available in the spring of 2020.