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COVID-19 in Quebec


Opinion: Return to office towers to relaunch downtown Montreal

The vaccination campaign is a major step in resuming activities that will revitalize downtown and restore its previous energy. It is also the signal that many businesses were waiting for to plan the gradual return of their employees to their offices. That said, many challenges lie ahead.

A man crosses an empty street in downtown Montreal, Sunday, April 5, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

Opinion: We, the public, need to put an end to declawing cats

Declawing, a painful procedure that has no medical merit, has been outlawed or banned in eight provinces, but not Quebec or Ontario, the last two provinces left. The OMVQ, the veterinary association in Quebec, does not support a ban on the practice of declawing, so it is up to the public to relinquish such archaic acts.

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Miami-area condo collapse causes massive emergency response

The sea-view side of a beachfront condo tower collapsed in the Miami-area town of Surfside early Thursday, drawing a massing response from emergency services. Authorities had no word yet on casualties or details of how many people lived in the building.

Britney Spears tells judge: 'I want my life back'

After 13 years of near silence in the conservatorship that controls her life and money, Britney Spears passionately told a judge Wednesday that she wants to end the "abusive" case that has made her feel demoralized and enslaved.

Can E.T. see us? Study finds many stars with prime Earth view

Astronomers calculated that 1,715 stars in our galactic neighbourhood -- and hundreds of probable Earth-like planets circling those stars -- have had an unobstructed view of Earth during human civilization, according to a study Wednesday in the journal Nature.