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COVID-19 in Quebec



OPINION | Letter to Francois Legault: Women's and children's safety is priceless

The ambitious reforms anticipated - from the Specialized Court to family law reform - and the recommendations of the committees dealing with conjugal violence give us hope for a profound transformation of the justice system and a society that strongly rejects violence against women. We need this strong political will to continue. We need you to give us the means and the capacity to offer the direct services that women and children need and to act on several fronts.

A candlelight vigil is seen in this undated stock image. (Shutterstock)

Opinion: A view from the outside is a must for the REM de l’est

It has been two months since CDPQ Infra’s announcement that the REM light-rail network would be extended to the Montreal’s east end. Given how vitally important it is to clearly define the fundamentals of the project and the construction contract, a committee must be involved right from the development of the guiding principles through to project delivery.

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