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Quebec invests an additional US$300 million in Airbus A220 production

Quebec Premier François Legault announced Tuesday a US$300 million investment into producing Airbus A220 aircraft. Legault visited the Airbus plant in Mirabel on Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by Economy, Innovation and Energy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon, Benoît Schultz, president and CEO of Airbus Canada, as well as the MNAs for Mirabel and Les Plaines.


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<b>The team</b><br><br> The 2024 Paris Games are here and Canada is sending 316 athletes.<br><br> Of those, 142 have already competed at the Olympics, and 38 have won a medal already. <br><br>

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Montreal's Lachine Canal now a popular fishing spot

Live music pulses through the air as Henry Leung casts a lure into the murky waters of the Lachine Canal at a site wedged between a noisy festival and the high-rises of Montreal's Griffintown neighbourhood.


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Laws that could get Canadians in trouble in tourism hotspots

There are some laws in popular tourist destinations around the world that could land Canadian travellers in mild-to-serious trouble if they're not careful. Don't let these local laws land you in hot water during your next vacation abroad.

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