MONTREAL -- Meet Gisèle Lévesque. She's 89, she lives in Quebec City, she used to work for the National Bank and she became the first person in the province to get vaccinated for COVID-19 on Monday.

“We are very proud and very happy for our aunt Gisèle,” said her niece, Justine. “It's a historic moment for her.”

Lévesque moved into the St-Antoine CHSLD after a hospital stay in March. That long-term care facility became the first to receive Quebec's initial vaccine doses. 

“Today, it's our turn to take care of her and we are happy for her that she live through this important time,” said Justine.  

Daniel Pare, the leader of Quebec's vaccination program, said the CHSLD was chosen due its size after management volunteered to be part of the pilot program.

“More than 200 residents and employees raised their hands (to volunteer)," he said. "The experience we have here is going to be very useful in facilities across the province.”

Quebec Public Security Minister genevieve Guilbault said that all medical staff at the CHSLD said they wished to get vaccinated, but not all would immediately be able to. However, she said their willingness would send a strong message to the rest of the province about the vaccine's safety. 

Lévesque was vaccinated at 11:25 a.m. Watch the historic moment in the video above.