It’s the second-largest lotto win in Canadian history, but the winner of the $60-million Lotto Max draw last Friday has yet to claim his or her prize.

While the big winner has yet to come forward, there was a flurry of activity Monday at Loto-Quebec as ten people collected what can best be described as a consolation prize of $1 million.

Those winners were a group of 10 croupiers from the casino – that’s right, all Loto-Quebec employees.           

One croupier formed a group late Friday, buying $50 worth of tickets at the casino's boutique. They went back to work. 

While they didn’t win the grand prize of $60 million, they got all seven numbers for the parallel Maxmillion draw.  There were 19 $1-million draws on Friday, five of them in Quebec, including this group of casino workers who all worked the evening shift Friday, receiving the good news in the middle of the night. 

Each worker will walk away with $100,000 each, after putting in $5 apiece.

Lottery winner Martin Lefebvre described the moment he found out: “He tells me, ‘Martin, we won!’ We won what? ‘One of the Maxmillion.’ So I tell him, Hey JP, I've been working the poker table for six years. I see people bluffing 40 hours a week. So I tell him, don't try this on me, that's for sure. But he says, ‘I swear!’”

Croupiers may know a thing or two about odds of winning, but they had no advantage here.

The odds of winning the Maxmillion are exactly the same as winning the Lotto Max, which is 1 in 28 million. Of course, 19 buyers got the winning combination.  

The next big prize is $22 million, to be drawn this Friday.