MONTREAL - The Federation des travailleurs et travailleuses du Quebec, the province's largest labour union, will vote at its upcoming annual convention to no longer seek a minimum wage of $15 an hour in Quebec, but rather $17 or $18.

Some 1200 delegates expected at the convention later this month will be asked to vote on two proposals to scrap the drive the FTQ kicked off in May of 2016 for a $15 hourly minimum wage and instead seek the higher amounts. (The current minimum wage in Quebec is $12.50 an hour).

The Public Service Alliance of Canada and the FTQ's Conseil regional du Montreal metropolitan are the groups making the proposals, both saying that the current minimum wage does not allow workers, even ones who are employed full-time, to live out of poverty.

FTQ president Daniel Boyer told the Canadian Press Monday that the time was right to update the union's demands, especially given the labour shortage that Quebec is experiencing.

This Canadian Press report was first published Nov. 11, 2019.