A former child actor turned rapper is now on trial for the murder of a fellow Rwandan native.

Didier Buzizi was born in Rwanda, but grew up in Quebec, winning the hearts of his new countrymen with his role on the soap opera Fred-dy.

The series portrayed two restaurant owners who befriended young people in difficulty, one of which was played by Buzizi.

When the show was cancelled in 2002, Buzizi re-invented himself as a rapper under the stage name Bilo da Kid.

That came to a crashing halt in August 2007 when Buzizi was charged with murder.

On the night of August 26, 2007, Buzizi spent the evening at a St. Denis street bar, before the group went to the after-hours club The 221 on Ontario.

Inside the club Buzizi got into an argument with 29-year-old Maxime Rushemaza, a fellow Rwandan refugee, over a bottle of liquor.

Prosecutors claim Buzizi stabbed Rushemaza while friends tried in vain to stop him.

"Mr. Rushemeza was stabbed by Mr. Buzizi and that's what the crown intends to prove," said prosecutor Thierry Nadon.

Buzizi was arrested two blocks away from the club, carrying a knife that was covered in blood, and charged with first-degree murder.

He is pleading not guilty.