A Quebec court judge has sentenced two men to ten years in prison for the beating death of a teenager.

Mitchell Pare and Kirk Campeau pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter in the 2008 death of 18-year-old Jordan Enlow-Apponi.

Enlow-Apponi was drunk when he left the Loft nightclub on St. Laurent in June 2008, and he exchanged insults with Pare and Campeau.

The two men, in their early twenties, kicked Enlow-Apponi's head repeatedly, and he later choked on his own blood.

Eyewitnesses heard either Campeau or Pare yell out "we just killed that guy. We just killed this man."

Later that night, they threw broken glass at a man on Guy street.

Police picked them up on Atwater, their clothes soaked with blood.

Pare and Campeau had originally faced second-degree murder charges, but agreed to a plea bargain on manslaughter.

"I think justice was served in this matter," said prosecutor Louis Bouthillier.

Family outraged

Enlow-Apponi's family is outraged by the decision, especially since with time served, the killers have seven years left in their sentence.

"This is second-degree murder," said Marie-Joseanne Enlow, the victim's mother. "I don't know why these attorneys think it's manslaughter."

Manslaughter implies the accused did not have the intention to kill, which Tom Pentafountas, counsel for Pare, says is the case.

"We have to take into consideration the fact our clients are young," said Pentafountas. "It happened rapidly, alcohol and drugs were involved... and the intention to kill was not there."

Before being taken away, Campeau and Pare apologized to Enlow-Apponi's family.

Campeau held back tears as he said "I'm sorry for your loss. I didn't mean to do what I did. I apologize."

But it's an apology that fell on deaf ears.