MONTREAL - The truce between student leaders and Quebec's education minister appears to be holding. The two sides are still negotiating an end to the walkouts and protests that began more than two months ago.

But some students aren't taking chances, and are once again asking the courts to force CEGEPs and universities to reopen.

Take Isabelle Combey.

"I went to interviews at McGill and University of Montreal in med schools," said Combey, a student at CEGEP St-Laurent.

"I also got accepted in law school in (University of Montreal) and engineering in both."

Combey, along with classmates Marion Peppler and Chloe Marco-Perrier want to finish their semester, even if they originally supported the student protest.

"I'm totally for it but at one point I cannot lose of year of my life, of my studies. And I'm not ready to make that sacrifice," said Peppler.

The students are seeking an injunction that would force CEGEP St Laurent to resume classes immediately.

"I really want to finish now, all my friends are in university," said Marco-Perrier.

Those who support the ongoing protest packed the court-room on Tuesday. They're not happy with their classmates' legal initiative..

"It's not the way to go against the student democracy because the student population pronounced itself in favor of the strike," said Florianne Philippe-Beauchamp of CEGEP St-Laurent's student association.

"To go against it is to go against democracy."

They're not alone. Several lawyers have complained about the use of tribunals to over-ride student-initiated strikes, which currently affect nearly half the CEGEP and university student population in Quebec.

The decision is expected on Thursday, unless a political compromise is reached between student groups and the government.