Seven families remain homeless and many of the 61 St. Lambert residents displaced by a major blaze Monday – a total that includes 20 children - are still struggling to adjust to circumstances after their homes were destroyed by fire.

Red Cross volunteer Denis Desilets said Thursday that those who still needed to be lodged in a hotel will be accommodated due to the difficult timing of the fire, which took place just two days before Christmas.

Desilets said that in most cases the Red Cross only provides housing for three days but it has gone the extra mile, as have many volunteers who have worked hard to help those whose homes were destroyed in the large fire that affected 45 residential units.

The City of St. Lambert has also helped out by organizing charity donations for those left homeless by the blaze.

A special centre has been filled by donations and Mayor Alain Depatie is now urging those moved by the sad event to donate cash to the Red Cross.

One mother told CTV Montreal that the fire has been difficult for her family, which includes two daughters and a newborn.

“The kids have vacations, they’re very happy about that but with the fire it’s shocking for the two girls,” she said.

The woman said that she was uninsured, as were most of her friends in the building.

Another resident named Manon Faucher said that hers was one of the few units not to be severely damaged by the fire but that she would have to move out nonetheless.