MONTREAL- The sheer talent exhibited by Alex Bianchini and Alexandra Mocanu has shuttled them to the top of the provincial rankings.

The two athletes, who play out of the West Island Badminton Club, are not only the best in the province, they are among the best in Canada.

"I like working hard for the win and I find being comfortable on the court, hitting, smashing, moving around, jumping around," said Alexandra.

Their coach, David Pealow, says they are among the best players he has ever seen.

"They are totally elite for their age," said Pealow.

Alex and Alexandra are each forces to be reckoned with in solo competition, with Alex being the youngest-ever singles winner in Quebec.

He's been playing since he was six, and assures people that the sport is much harder than it looks.

"I like that's it's very fast moving. I like that not many people play it, a lot of people think it's an easy sport, but it's really hard, you have to be willing to go through a lot of hard work," said Alex.

Alexandra's parents say their daughter turns into a fierce competitor when she steps onto the court.

"She changes completely 100%. She became suddenly very serious, very focused, very determined," said Razvan Mocanu.

Dangerous as they are in singles play, they are just as threatening in mixed doubles play.

"They have an internal desire to play and to play at a high level, but they control themselves very well," said Pealow.

That control brought them to the number 2 spot in provincial competition.

"We lost in the finals, but we came in second, so it's very important to me," said Alex.