It's beginning to be a Montreal tradition: the soggy start to summer.

Last year's summer months were rainy and dreary, with sunny, cloud-free skies at a premium.

Now this year is looking like a weather rerun.

The rain already has counsellors in Verdun suffering from cabin fever, even on the first day of summer camp!

They spent Monday indoors working on activities, but with more rain in the forecast, counsellors like Heidi Wager doubt they can sustain this level of fun.

"If it gets too rainy but no thunder and lightning, we go outside," said Wager.

Movers are not enjoying this busiest week of the year. It's gone from Sunday's steam bath to a drenching shower, although the temperature is more conducive to heavy work.

"We look like drowned rats. But it's refreshing," said one labourer.

The wet weather is another nail in the coffin of the tourism industry, already reeling from the tough economy.

John Dunn of Tourism Montreal says the number of visits is down six percent, which is more than expected.

"It's kind of like the perfect storm that's hitting us," said Dunn.

The weather is also expected to put a damper on the outdoor shows at the Jazz Festival.

"Certainly for the Jazz Festival or the Just for Laughs festival, that have a big portion of their shows outside it's definitely not a good thing. But I think the fans of these events are so crazy about it that they keep coming whether it's good or not," said Dunn.

While April showers bring May flowers, rain in June brings farmers gloom. According to local fruit seller Gerard Maurice, the rain is close to drowning Quebec's berry crop.

"If you have two days of rain or three days of rain you have to have after that four days of sun," to ensure good growth, said Maurice.