Leading the PQ is like nailing Jell-O to a tree. It's the toughest job in politics.

Once again this week, we saw the party imploding. Can't say I am shedding a tear over this.

Let's be frank.

What is the raison d'être of the PQ? Article 1 of the party program: To take Quebec out of Canada to the promised land of independence and perpetual bliss.

I somehow see Jacques Parizeau's hand in all of this. He has brought down leaders before and seems intent on doing it again.

Three of those leaving are hard-line language zealots. Big fish in the PQ

All three seem to be allergic to English. Their paradise by the St. Lawrence, I am sure, doesn't include people like me.

This palace revolt was ostensibly over the arena bill, a piece of legislation totally without principle, a PQ private member's bill to protect one of Quebec's richest men.

It is a psychodrama that is gripping the good people of la Veille Capitale. Compelling to watch, like a car crash. You just have to slow down and take a look

Pauline Marois had a 93 percent approval at the recent party convention; that and three bucks will get you a bus ticket in Montreal.

Marois doesn't look like she can last. The PQ always eats its own and a poll this week finds that 62 percent of Quebecers think she should return to her Ile Bizard estate.

What is clear from the recent federal election is that people just want change. Because the old debates are just that: old and sterile.

If the PQ withers, it will be a good thing. Perhaps the paralysis that has gripped us for so long will finally be loosened and we can move on.

Because we can do better. We must do better.

Time for civilians to investigate police shootings

It was truly terrible what happened on St. Denis Street this week. Two men dead from Montreal police gunfire.

We cannot be judge and jury and rush to conclusions.

Sometimes things unravel so quickly accidents happen.

It is true Montreal police have a checkered record in using their guns, and obviously there is a growing distrust of the force. At first blush it seems astonishing that four officers could not subdue a mentally deranged man without killing him.

What we truly need is an end to cops investigating cops. Openness demands it.

We need a civilian oversight body. After all we are their bosses.

At least then we might not be able to prevent tragedies but at least we can hold those responsible to account. Because all too often what we get is the sound of silence.