MONTREAL - You have to wonder when reality will really hit home.

There are some good things in the new Quebec budget.

We're too broke for any goodies but finally, the Liberals have the courage to raise tuition fees from ridiculously low levels.

But government spending is still increasing.

Health care costs are pretty much out of control. But there still seems little appetite to address the real issues such as the size of government.

So Quebec's debt is increasing by 253 dollars a second.

We are in danger of becoming the Greece of Canada because we are so far in hock.

And the day of reckoning is indeed coming but not in this budget.

Feds fund snowmobiles but snub Quebec arena

In Ottawa, would somebody take away his credit card?

The Tories seem to be everywhere buying votes for a probable early May election.

The PM was in Quebec City this week to hand over 50 million for an airport expansion.

He wisely won't step on the political landmine of arena funding.

But he will at least provide a nice airport for a team to land and depart from.

What else are they buying with your money?

You'll like this one

Ottawa also announced this week more money for snowmobile clubs in Quebec. The QMI agency found that since 2008, the Tories have spent over 6 million dollars on grooming machines for clubs around the province.

Happy trails indeed!

Anti-police protesters need to cool down

It's like George Orwell's 1984 where War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery.

An annual march designed to destroy property and confront police. And they call it the anti-police brutality march.

I'm all for the right to protest

The cops aren't perfect although they do have tough jobs.

And yes, they should always be held accountable because while they protect us. They work for us too.

But let's start with two things. Respect of private property

And how about marchers letting authorities know where they plan on going.

But I'm not hopeful.

Because like in 1984, Ignorance is Strength

Hockey managers play ostrich on headshots

I think it's the NHL managers who should have their heads examined.

They just don't get it.

The league doesn't understand the gravity of the problem.

They don't even understand it when Sidney Crosby tells them. Or Ken Dryden or most fans. Why don't they outright ban all head hits?

No. they say, they would rather try to enforce current rules better and bring in other minor changes.

Our game is being hijacked by the self serving interests of teams more concerned about profit, about entertainment value, and putting everything above player safety.

Fully one quarter of Canadians surveyed this week of says they will watch less hockey because of the hit and because of the NHLs stubborn and ill advised reluctance to do anything about it.

Count me in.