Are you a CAQuiste?

Are you thinking about becoming a CAQuiste?

If you are, perhaps you can explain that new logo presented this week.

Looks like PQ light -- not quite pequiste but close enough. Close the C and you have a Q.

A modernist design obviously thought up by a person or persons who took out the Crayolas after a few drinks.

That's not the only thing I can't figure out about this Coalition Avenir Quebec.

I'm not really sure what it's about. Neither left nor right... reminds me of that old song Stuck in the Middle With You.

"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right."

Some ideas are interesting and it's nice to see someone pledging an end to discussion of the national question (although quite honestly, I think that one has already been put to bed).

The CAQuiste action plan is short on substance and long on hyperbole.

It's the party of on verra, we will see. I lost track of all the on verra's used by Francois Legault this week.

On the positive side, it's nice to see they published all of their materials in English as well.

We can actually read in black and white about "respecting the historic rights of the English speaking community."

I always worry when I hear words like that, especially when coupled in the Action Plan with how the state of French in Montreal is fragile and more resources must be given to the Office de la langue francaise.

Not sure if the CAQ does taste better but it certainly does seem less filling.

It will be interesting to see them put some meat on their ideas, interesting to see how the party stands up to scrutiny from the public and the other parties.

The shadowboxing is over. It's time to step into the ring. And the only thing we can determine so far is on verra.


Photo Radar

You know the thing I don't get about photo radar in Quebec?

We know exactly where it is, so testosterone-fueled drivers can slow down and then speed up again

I don't believe photo radar is an effective substitute for police surveillance, but, it looks like we will be getting more of it, and I'm pretty much in favor of anything to reduce the bloodbath on Quebec roads.

But if we are going that way, let's kind of make it kind of a surprise, and don't forget your best smile.


Make his latte a double-double

Finally, somehow it seems there is something a little un-Canadian about that symbol of the great true north, Tim Hortons, selling espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.

This of course is an obviously well thought-out business decision.

These guys must know what they are doing.

Tims sells a mind-boggling 2 billion cups of coffee a year.

Tim's has been used as a favorite backdrop for politicians of all stripes.

The brand is seen as main street Canada. It truly is a Canadian icon.

But has it come to this? A choice between double-double or latte grande?

Something indeed is brewing and the times they are a-changing.