He may be the sweetheart of the anti-capitalist hardcore separatist basement dwellers and malcontents, but I do not think Amir Khadir is fit to sit in Quebec's National Assembly.

I am not sure who he thinks he is but he is an embarrassment pure and simple.

This week, the member for Mercier called the royal newlyweds, William and Kate, "parasites" because Canadian taxpayers would be picking up the modest tab for their visit.

We should be thrilled they are coming even if you don't support the monarchy.

It's about manners. It's about being good hosts. It's about the most famous couple on the planet paying us a visit on their first international tour.

Indeed the eyes of the world will be on us, but instead attention now is going to this political misfit.

This is the same guy who demonstrated in front of a store in his own riding because they were selling shoes made in Israel. He calls Israel an "apartheid state." Excuse me. It's a heck of a lot more democratic that Khadir's native land of Iran or anywhere else in that part of the world.

It gets better.

Khadir contends that Osama bin Laden is a creation of the C.I.A.

Khadir was the only member of the National Assembly who voted against an anti-terrorism resolution after the death of bin Laden.

It boggles the mind that this guy got elected.

Maybe he should think before he opens his mouth, because what we have been hearing is beneath the dignity of our parliamentary institutions.

Hells Angels released

I feel for the investigators and the prosecutors.

They work night and day to put the bad guys away, and a judge in one swift move says 31 of them are free to go.

31 Hells Angels got their get out of jail cards because the judge ruled they could not all be tried within a reasonable time.

This decision will go to appeal, and hopefully will be overturned.

Perhaps the judge was just making a point that the system is overstressed and is working beyond its capacity.

We need more judges, more prosecutors, more resources, but in the meantime there are 31 more Hells Angels on our streets than there were a few days ago.

That's not good.

Mail Carriers on strike

It's high time we did something about Canada Post.

Are these people living on another planet?

The days of the post office being a vital link in society and nation building are over.

I realize the online world is not for everyone, although during a strike, pension cheques will continue to be delivered.

But life has changed. Canada Post gets 54 percent of its revenue from letters and letter volume has declined by 17 percent over the last 5 years.

Something's got to give.

Perhaps its time to privatize and for Canadians to send Canada Post a heartfelt Dear John letter.