What if they held an inquiry and nobody came?

Without the power to subpoena this so-called inquiry will be nothing more than a sideshow where they won't even sell popcorn.

I always thought that Jean Charest was like the cat with 9 lives, a politician capable of resurrection, with his opponents dancing on his political grave more than once.

I believe this may be the end.

Overwhelmingly, Quebecers from all walks of life demanded their government get to the bottom of a decaying system.

What we have instead is an inquiry without teeth.

Perhaps it may serve some useful purpose, but it's certainly not what the people wanted, and they will send Jean Charest a message, sooner or later.

Unless he decides this is one of his final chapters.

Occupying thoughts, but not in any important way

Speaking of messages, I'm not sure the ‘Occupy' movement, particularly here in Canada, is sending any clear message.

I'm not exactly sure what they want.

We certainly have not been beset with the same problems as those south of the border.

We did not have the massive bailouts caused by corporate and personal greed.

We have a social safety net here.

We have Medicare.

Sure, there is inequality, and the gap between rich and poor continues to grow, but here's the thing: change will not come from tent cities and slogans.

If young people want change, they should try using their franchise.

Get out and vote.

The turnout rate in the last federal election was only 61 percent, meaning more than one in three Canadians didn't bother.

In other words, only 24 percent of Canadians voted for the present government.

Many young people fear the Tory majority, but If they had voted in any significant numbers, the results would have been much different.

In Canada we don't need blood in the streets to effect change, like in so many other places in this world.

All it takes are votes.

More MPs does not equal more democracy

The last thing we need in this country is more politicians.

Yet that's what we are getting, and it's going to be expensive.

We need fewer MPs. We need to make the Commons meaningful again.

Adding 26 seats will make it even worse, but that is exactly what the Harper government is doing.

More MP salaries, more riding offices, more expenses, renovations to the Commons to make room for all those newly minted MPs.

Really? why?

The role of backbenchers is akin to trained seals; They fill the seats; they clap and nod their heads in approval.

We need more democracy, not less, and a place where your MP really matters.

That indeed would meet the seal of approval.