A string of recent fires in the Plateau, including a multiple-alarm blaze on Thursday, has left residents on edge.

While police suspect an arsonist was at work for several fires, the most recent has been deemed accidental, and police and the fire department are using the opportunity to remind people how to prevent fires.

"Everything is very logical. People have a tendency to forget these things," said Constable Yannick Ouimet.

Police say people should avoid leaving flammable material in their yards and on their balconies.

That's information with Daniel Gatien is taking to heart.

"I'm gonna watch to see if I see flammable materials outside, especially near my house," said Gatien.

They also recommend securing and locking construction sites, leaving lights on at night, or installing motion detectors.

Meanwhile police have increased patrols in the area, which is reassuring residents like Maude Perrin.

"I'm sure people are pretty careful. I mean in this area people, they care very much about their neighbourhood," said Perrin.