Montreal opposition leader Louise Harel says she will consider voting against the budget to be tabled Wednesday - a budget that will include major tax hikes.

People in the suburbs could be looking at a 13-per-cent increase in taxes to pay for regional services, while people in the city of Montreal could face a 6-per-cent tax hike.

Harel told a news conference on Tuesday that the tax increases could hamper the city's economy.

She says she'd prefer that Mayor Gerald Tremblay keep tax increases in line with the relatively modest rates that were implemented last year, and that increases shouldn't exceed the current rate of inflation, which is about 1 per cent.

Budget hopes

Harel says she wants to make sure the mayor sticks to his promise to implement toll roads to pay for public transit.

She added that Wednesday's budget must include money to repair crumbling roads and other infrastructure and puts that figure at $36 million.

Vision Montreal councillor Pierre Lampron said the opposition is looking for investments that would drive the economy forward.

"What we want to ask to the other mayors is that they join us in asking the administration to make more investments to increase the economy in general in Montreal," said Vision Montreal councillor Pierre Lampron.